What to expect on your trip to Italy.

May 12th - June 1st, 2024


On the weekends, students take a break from the rigors of study to explore the Italian culture. Situated in the northern   Italy, Milano and Torino provides an ideal launch pad for exploration of the Piemonte, Lombardia and Liguria region and beyond. Students will visit museums and concert halls, hear local performances, and absorb the Italian culture.


Here are some highlights from our previous trips:

 We visited La Scala in Milan, explored the ports of Genova, saw a concert at the Teatro Reggio in Torino, took a boat ride across Lake Como, and visited the beaches in Liguria.

 While visiting Venice and its attractions, we paid a special visit to the Opera House " La Fenice" and took a private tour and lecture at the UNESCO Venice Office.


Students stay in local  Hostels a few blocks from the Conservatory. The apartments have regularly maintained bathroom and kitchen facilities. E-mail, telephone, banking, and postal services are within easy reach. 

Students may use local laundromats and will find groceries and shopping of all sorts within a few blocks. The  Milano and Torino Conservatories becomes our home facilities for our students and faculty members, and provides facilites for practice, lessons, and performances.