Study Music Abroad

May 12th - June 1st, 2024

Italy Music Study Abroad

The Hodgson School's Study Abroad program offers students an exciting opportunity for intensive practice and performance in the culturally rich surroundings of Italy. Students have wonderful opportunities to perform with Italian musicians in a wide variety of chamber and orchestral ensembles through international partnerships with Italian conservatories and diverse musical organizations. 

Dr. Milton Masciadri is the program director with his assistants Wueliton Dal Pont and Leonardo Lopes

The three-week program includes daily lessons with both UGA and Italian faculty, opportunities to play alongside local musicians, and weekly performances in locations like Milan, Torino, Parma, Venice and surrounding areas of Piemonte and Lombardia. Frequent excursions to museums, opera houses, and historical sites are also included.

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Italy has a rich and illustrious musical heritage that has left an indelible mark on the global music landscape. From classical to contemporary, Italy has been a hotbed of musical creativity for centuries. 

 Italy is often regarded as the birthplace of Western classical music. The Renaissance and Baroque periods saw the emergence of renowned composers like Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi, and Arcangelo Corelli, who helped shape the foundations of classical music. Italy was also home to some of the greatest opera composers, including Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. The lyrical beauty of Italian opera has captivated audiences worldwide.

Italy's musical legacy is a testament to its cultural richness and creativity. Italy's contribution to the world of music is as diverse as it is enduring, making it a vibrant place for music students and professionally renowned musicians.

Instrument Lessons

All students participate in Lessons and seminars with renowned American and Italian instructors while simultaneously participating in Chamber Music, large ensembles, and solo recitals as part of the instrumental participation. Courses are tailored to the facility and proficiency of each student.

Music Performance

Students have wonderful opportunities to perform with Italian musicians in a wide variety of chamber and orchestral ensembles.

Music History

A great opportunity to learn the History of Music directly from the source, and visit important historical places.